Creating a Product Marketing Hub (SSoT)

Company: LiveTiles


Siteimprove, known for its comprehensive digital optimization tools, identified a significant need for a GDPR compliance solution that could navigate the complex regulatory environments across Southern Europe.

The challenge was to introduce a product that could meet diverse compliance demands and achieve high adoption rates in markets with varying GDPR requirements


As the leader of this project, my role involved creating, maintaining, and enabling teams to use the Product Marketing Hub. The hub, hosted on the company’s intranet, brings together essential resources like roadmaps, presentations, battlecards, and more.

Key decisions included:

  • Conducting a needs assessment to understand the specific requirements of different teams.
  • Curating and organizing content to ensure relevance and ease of use.
  • Developing training materials and sessions to ensure all teams could effectively utilize the hub.


The project resulted in:

  • Localized Messaging: We created marketing content that was not only translated but also adapted to meet the cultural expectations of each target market.
  • Sales enablement: Developed comprehensive training programs and resources to fully equip local sales teams, enabling them to effectively communicate the benefits of our GDPR solution.
  • Product Launch: The launch strategy was a robust multi-channel campaign, incorporating webinars, strategic partnerships with industry leaders, and targeted digital advertising to ensure a strong market entry and high visibility.


The Product Marketing Hub has significantly improved internal collaboration and efficiency. Teams now have immediate access to the most up-to-date materials, reducing time spent searching for information and increasing productivity.

Feedback indicates enhanced cross-departmental coordination and more consistent messaging across all regions.


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