Positioning LiveTiles in the Gartner Magic Quadrant

Company: LiveTiles

Zack's expertise in product marketing played a pivotal role in supporting the success of our product roadmap and seasonal releases.

Alexandra M.Marketing Leader


Siteimprove, known for its comprehensive digital optimization tools, identified a significant need for a GDPR compliance solution that could navigate the complex regulatory environments across Southern Europe.

The challenge was to introduce a product that could meet diverse compliance demands and achieve high adoption rates in markets with varying GDPR requirements


As the Global Product Marketing Director, I led this strategic initiative by focusing on key areas:

  • Market Research: Utilized Gartner Priorities Navigator to understand tech buying behavior and the top challenges in product marketing.
  • Product Alignment: Ensured our product’s vision aligned with market trends and customer needs. Collaborated with product teams to develop features that addressed these needs.
  • Product Strategy: Developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that defined our target markets, identified key differentiators, and created resonant messaging.


The project resulted in:

  • Market Research Documentation: Comprehensive reports on tech buying behavior and market trends.
  • Product Alignment: Clear articulation of product vision and alignment with market needs.
  • Marketing Strategy: Detailed strategy documents outlining target markets, key differentiators, and messaging.
  • Customer Marketing Materials: Targeted content and campaigns based on customer insights.
  • New Website Messaging and Redesign: Updated website with new messaging and design to reflect the product’s value proposition and alignment with market trends.


The project successfully positioned LiveTiles in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, significantly enhancing our market visibility and credibility.

Key lessons learned include the importance of thorough market research, alignment of product vision with market needs, and the execution of a robust demand generation plan.

This strategic positioning has led to increased interest from potential customers and partners, driving growth and solidifying LiveTiles’ position as a leader in the digital workplace software market.


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